iPods And iPhones

The company introduced Apple IIc. Nonetheless, the IIc edition still lacked a portable power supply. In the same year, the name Macintosh opened a new era not just for Apple, but for the world over. Macintosh started it all. It was Steve Jobs’ demonstration at Mac World that instigated the explosion of Apple’s popularity, releasing the very first Macintosh and introduced many of the features that people are enjoying now. Afterwards, Apple released Apple IIGS and Macintosh Plus in 1986. IIGS provided the signature silkscreened front from Steve Wozniak.

The Macintosh Plus series originally came in beige color but it was later on changed to gray, the trademark color for many Apple computers in the years to come. Following the release of the Macintosh series, Macintosh II was introduced. It was the first modular computer from Apple. This also marked the beginning of desktop computers for the company. This is another computer revolution catalyst from Apple. The iconic, streamlined desktop computer got rid of the tower but kept the computing capacity of the device.

By the year 2000, Apple was using Intel’s chipset and had invested on computer speed. From its Power Mac G5 (2003) to the Mac Pro (2006), Apple continually emphasized the company’s dedication in providing efficiency and fast computing ability. The beginning of 2000 also showed the company’s ongoing venture into the laptop industry. In 2006, Apple introduced the famous MacBook which became an instant hit. In 2008, the company released the revolutionary MacBook Air, so compact it fit right into a paper envelope.

The same period also saw the debut of Apple’s LCD offerings such as the Apple Cinema Display. Nonetheless, among the countless revolutionary products that apple introduced, it is the iPod release which set Apple a few bars above all other competitors.
From the iPod Classic First Generation (2001) to the Shuffle, Nano and iPod touch, Apple changed the way people listen to music. And in 2007, every tech aficionado’s must-have gadget was released: the iPhone. The iPhone has received such immense popularity and positive reception that it proved to be a viable and strong competitor to Blackberry. To date, Apple is still active in bringing the consumer market more groundbreaking products like the iPad, pushing the boundaries of our understanding of computers. More than two decades after its establishment, Apple has truly become a force to be reckoned with.


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